Announcements 通告


暫停現場崇拜: 因應新冠肺炎疫情嚴峻,為減少會眾回教會聚會受感染的機會,由1018(下主日)起暫停現場崇拜,本會仍繼續維持網上主日崇拜,直至另行通告。各堂播崇拜時間如下: 

    1. 國語崇拜:上午10:00 
    2. 粵語崇拜:上午11:30
    3. 英語崇拜:上午10:00 

Church reclosing: Due to the second wave of COVID19, and to minimize the spread of the disease, starting from October 18, the church will suspend on-site worship services.  However, live streaming of Sunday Worship Services will continue, until further announcement.  Live stream schedule is as below:

  1. English: 10am
  2. Mandarin: 10am
  3. Cantonese: 11:30am


TCBC Contingency Plan for COVID-19 Precautions | 多浸有關冠狀病毒的應急計劃通告

2. 2021 Executive Board Nomination | 年理事會職員提名

2021 Executive Board nomination have started.  Please download the nomination form or obtain one from the church office.  Completed nomination form can be sent to or mailed to church office.  Deadline for nomination is September 6, 2020.2021年理事會職員接受提名,下載提名表及歷屆職員名單或到教會辦事處索取,填妥後請把提名表電郵到 或郵寄至教會辦事處。提名截止日期為2020年9月6日(主日)下午一時正。