Onsite Sunday Service & Sunday School Registration | 實體崇拜和主日學登記



為保障教會及各弟兄姊妹,所有崇拜出席者必須提【2019 冠狀病毒(COVID-19)確認、索賠免責,和風險承擔書】。請預先打印填妥承擔書並在入場前提交給司事。承擔書也可於教會門口或司事處領取。

TCBC is following a schedule to reopen in-person Sunday service and Sunday schools progressively.

Attendees are required to be fully vaccinated and to pass the COVID self-screening upon entering the church.  Please review the reopening guide below for more details.

For the protection of church and its members, all attendees must submit the 2019 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release of Claims, and Assumption of Risk document.

Please fill out the form and bring onsite to the usher. A hard copy of the form will also be made available to all attendees at the church entrance.

TCBC Reopening Guide | 多浸重啓指引


重開日期時間 地點
粵語實體主日崇拜 3月6日起,每週日早上11時15分 教會正堂
國語實體主日崇拜 3月6日起,每週日早上10時正 教會二樓副堂
英語實體主日崇拜 3月6日起,每週日早上10時正 St. George by the Grange, 30 Stephanie St. M5T 1X6 (South End of Grange Park)




如欲參加實體崇拜/主日學的弟兄姊妹,請每週通過以上鏈接預先填寫「新冠病毒肺炎篩查問卷」登記,以協助入場檢測流程。網上登記於每週四開放每週五下午四時截止。不便上網登記者可聯絡教會辦事處 (每週二至五 10am- 4pm) 致電 416-596-8376。繼續在網上參與崇拜/主日學者不用登記。

多倫多公共衛生局建議年滿 70 歲、免疫系統較弱或身體狀況不佳者,應盡量減少出入公共場所。依照政府法規,在教會室聚會時,必須戴上口罩(特殊情形除外)。若長者們未能持久戴上口罩,建議繼續留在家中網上崇拜。



With a grateful heart, TCBC is following a schedule to reopen in-person Sunday service,Sunday schools and other ministry programs/activities progressively.

Reopening Date/Time Location
Cantonese Onsite Sunday Service 11:15AM, from March 6, 2022 72-74 Sanctuary
Mandarin Onsite Sunday Service 10:00AM, from March 6, 2022 Mandarin Chapel
English Onsite Sunday Service 10:00AM, from March 6, 2022 St. George by the Grange, 30 Stephanie St. M5T 1X6 (South End of Grange Park)

*Sunday services and Sunday schools will remain accessible online for all congregations.

*Please note that TCGBC and Children Ministries will remain offsite until further notice.

Government’s health guidelines and other COVID-19 related restrictions will be strictly observed. 

Toronto Public Health recommends people who are over 70 years of age, have a weak immune system or a medical condition, to limit their trips to public place. Face covering will be strictly enforced during indoor gatherings with bylaw exemptions. For seniors who are not able to keep their mask on for the duration of the services, it is recommended to continue with online worship at home.

It is the church’s requirement for whoever attending the Sunday service or any other church activities onsite be fully vaccinated and be able to show the vaccine certificate as accepted by the Ontario Ministry of Health. For those who are not yet fully vaccinated (except for eligible exemptions), they are recommended to stay home and attend the service online. For those who come to serve on Sunday, including the speaker/teacher, chairperson, worship team, IT/AV team, ushers & etc, all have to be fully vaccinated. All attendees must also pass the COVID-19 self-screening onsite upon entry.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the church office.